Omaha Troop 429
Omaha Troop 429

1974 – 2014
Celebrating 40 Years in Scouting!

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General Documents and Forms

2013 Troop 429 Bylaws

2013 Merit Badge Councelors

BSA Medical and Health Record – Sections A, B and C

Camp Out Duty Roster

Summer Camp Packing List

Winter Camping Packing List

Vehicle Information Form

BSA Permission Form

Troop Election Forms

Troop elections are held twice a year - once in May and once in December. All leadership positions are held for a six-month period, except for Quartermaster. The Quartermaster position is held for a 12-month period. Scouts who want to run for election to a troop office position must download the form for their desired positon (see links below). Scouts must read, sign and date the form. Then the Scout's parent must read, sign and date the form. All forms must be turned in to the Scoutmaster one week before any troop election. Unless noted below, only one Scout can serve in a position at a time. A Scouts name will not be put on the ballot without the Scoutmaster's approval.

*The Assistant Patrol Leader position is the only position that does not count towards rank advancement leadership position requirements.

Other Leadership Positions

The following non-elected leadership positions are available by appointment by the Scoutmaster ONLY. Scouts serving in these positions must be at least a First Class Scout. Scouts serving as Junior Assistant Scoutmasters must be between 16-18 years old. If you would like to serve in one of thesse positions, ask the Scoutmaster for a Scoutmaster Conference.

  • Junior Assistant Scoutmaster  (Scout must be 16-18 years old. Functions as an Assistant Scoutmaster)
  • Troop Guide (works with new Scouts to teach them Scouting skills)
  • Instructor (teaches Scouting skills to all Scouts, assists with merit badge classes)
  • Den Chief (works with Cub Scout Dens and serves as an ambassador for the Cub Scout Pack)


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